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Privacy Policy tongdot.com 1. Personal information 1.1 Mandatory data during registration In order to create a user profile the user needs to register first. Therefore, users are asked to provide the following personal mandatory information during the registration process: User name, email address and password. The email address and the password will not be accessible to other users. The information will be treated in a confidential manner, will be encrypted, and will only be used to manage the user profiles of tongdot.com.

1.2 Voluntary information The user can provide additional personal information about him or herself. This information is entirely voluntary and is intended to help facilitate the contact 2. Purpose of personal data collection
2.1 The data mentioned in paragraph 1.1 is collected in compliance with the respective legal regulations.
2.2 Sole purpose of the collection, saving and processing of the data is to provide, sustain, and further develop the services of tongdot.com. The data will not be used for other purposes.
3. Sharing data with third parties
3.1 tongdot.com does not share personal information of its users with third parties unless it is legally required or permitted by the user. In case of a violation of third party rights (especially copyrights, trademark rights etc.) by the user, tongdot.com will only pass on data if the rights holder has conclusively laid out his claims to tongdot.com.
3.2 If the user has permitted to share his information with third parties he may revoke his permission at any time via email, fax or letter.

4. Cookies
4.1 Cookies are small text files stored on the user's computer which help to recognize the user during his next visit on the website. Cookies contain only anonymous user IDs and no personal data such as names. Cookies do not contain any programs or viruses that might harm the user's computer.
4.2 tongdot.com uses cookies to authenticate the user when logging in, to temporarily save the answers during quizzes for the individualized user result at the end of the quiz, to avoid multiple votes of suggested translations and to balance server capacities. Cookies are used solely for the purpose of smooth running and development of the tongdot.com services. The usage of cookies is considered to be a standard in the industry.
4.3 Any user can decide whether to accept cookies without notice, accept cookies with notice or decline cookies based on the settings of his internet browser program. tongdot.com points out that several services cannot be used when cookies are declined.
4.4 tongdot.com uses so-called social plugins from third parties such as the 'Facebook Like' button from Facebook Inc. (USA) on its website. These social plugins connect directly to the third parties' servers and collect information based on your personal profile of the respective third party. Refer to the respective third party's privacy policy for the purpose and scope of the data collection and use of the collected data. If you do not wish to share such information with the third party you need to delete the cookies of the respective third party.

5. Data security
tongdot.com has employed several security measures to protect user data from deletion, change, or abusive use. tongdot.com uses constantly updated industry-standard firewalls as well as other security systems. tongdot.com is committed to an adequate security level and to changing the security systems based on standard industry developments. Please note that due to constantly new computer viruses and other measures a hundred percent protection cannot be guaranteed. In case of damage or deletion of data through unknown viruses tongdot.com cannot be held responsible. tongdot.com will prosecute any hacker attacks or similar measures to the fullest extent of the law ("zivilrechtliche und strafrechtliche Verfolgung").
6. Information request, changing or removing of information
6.1. Any user has the right to gain access to his personal information free of charge. Requests are to be sent to tongdot.com in writing. In order to process a request the user needs to enclose an authenticated copy of his valid legal ID papers. The request answer will be sent to the address provided on the legal ID papers of the user.
6.2 If the user changes or updates his personal information and thereby overwrites old information, this old information will automatically be deleted. A separate request asking for the deletion of old information is not necessary.
6.3 Apart from paragraphs 6.1 and 6.2 the user may request data changes of incorrect information saved on tongdot.com at any time. The easiest method to change information is to login to tongdot.com and update the information oneself.
6.4 If the user deletes his profile for good, any information ever provided will automatically be deleted completely. A separate request asking for the deletion is not necessary.
6.5 Any request for changing, updating or deletion of personal information needs to be sent to tongdot.com in writing via email, fax, or letter. In order to process the request the following information is necessary: User name Last name, first name Email Address Identification with valid legal ID papers.
6.6 tongdot.com points out that deleted data might still be available due to caching systems, search engines, proxy servers, or similar systems.

7. Server Log Files
7.1 With every page impression the user's internet browser transfers access data that is automatically saved in the server log files of tongdot.com. This data is specified as follows: - type and version of browser - technical information of the computer (operating system, screen resolution, javascript settings and similar information) - referrer URL (last visited website) - host name of the accessing computer (IP address) - time of access - In addition, the complete address of the visited tongdot.com websites will be saved.
7.2 The saved data under paragraph 7.1 cannot be associated with a person. tongdot.com does not merge this data with other data sets. The collection of this data is standard in the industry and necessary to ensure a smooth operation of the servers (e.g. error diagnoses in case of problems) as well as to further optimize the services on tongdot.com based on the access statistics.

8. Contact Your trust in our services is essential to us. If you have any questions or want more detailed information about this Privacy Policy please contact our person responsible for all issues regarding data protection ("Datenschutzbeauftragter"). tongdot.com Thomas Khaipi Von-Hess-Weg 11 20535,Hamburg Germany hello@tongdot.com

9. Changes to this Privacy Policy

In compliance with the valid data protection regulations tongdot.com reserves the right to change this Privacy Policy at any time.