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About Zodictionary.com

What TongDot.com is all about

Since 2007 our online dictionary has offered you English to Burmese Chin/Zomi Language translations: fast, efficient, user-friendly
and, of course, free.


Effectively utilize the new technologies of the 21st. century so that our beloved Zoland/Chinland and all our beautiful languages
shall not perish.
"No vision, the people parish"
Proverb 29:18

  • To enable easy learning for those who wish to learn Chin/ Zomi language.
  • To enable the Zomi / Chin people to learn each others' dialects with ease.
  • To encourage all Zo/Chin people to love, embrace and communicate among themselves without having to use an alien language.


Many thanks to Dr. David Van Bik and his family for providing the data for English to Hahka Chin Dictionary,
ZCLS (Zomi Christian Literature Society) for the Tongdot (English - Tedim Chin Dictionary) data and to
"Global Falam Youth Organization" http://www.gfyo.org for providing English to Falam Chin Dictionary by Sayagyi Van Kyi.
Many thanks also to all my colleagues from ZOCIA.org(ZOMI Computer and Internet Association) who are significantly contributing
for the success of this movement.


Other Zomi / Chin languages like Asho, Cho, Mizo etc. not yet in this movement are invited to join us by sending us their dictionary
in digital form. See Contact Us page.

How to help or participate in the movement

There are several ways:

  • Tell your friends about TongDot.com(English to Zomi/Chin Online Dictionary): tweet us, like us on Facebook, link us etc.;
  • If you have your own collection of translations you'd like to share - contact us;
  • Use Zodictionary.com service. Seeing it's popular would give us power and motivation to upgrade it;
  • Support the movement with your donation.

By using this tongdot.com dictionary and it's accompanying pages, you agree that we take no responsibility for incorrect results or deficient
operation and that you use this service at your own risk, to the extent permitted by applicable law. We provide this service
for free and "as is" without any warranty, expressed or implied.

Public list of donors

Date : 13.01.2013
Thomas Khaipi